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Len4a Veretilo

Black Boxes On The Charts Background In Multiq Media Player

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We use FusionCharts and Widgets in our JSF app. It works fine in all browsers, except that which is installed in multiq media player. When render charts using multiq player - they have black boxes as a backround.

Multiq documentation says, that they use Mozilla Gecko 1.9, same as used for Firefox 3.0.10.


I downloaded this old version of Firefox, but on my computer - charts are working perfect without black boxes as background.

I render charts as Flash. And I use setTransparent(true).


Please, give me any ideas - what can be wrong. Maybe someone have the same problems with old versions of Firefox.

Any help will be highly appreciated.



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Guest Bindhu



We tested FusionCharts XT in FireFox 3.0.18, provided by BrowserStack testing environment(Cross Browser testing tool).


You may also test using the link below,


BrowserStack has the Adobe Flash player installed and the charts are rendered fine.


We are unable to test our charts in the MultiQ Media Player since it is a proprietary technology, which supports Flash files. Any rendering issues you are facing are because of a 3rd party Flash player; MultiQ Media Player in this case.


We would advise that you contact the MultiQ team about this rendering issue.


In the meanwhile, we would like to have a few screen shots of our charts being rendered by the MultiQ Media Player.


Hope this helps !

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