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Limit Pareto Charting Data

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Is there a way to limit the charting in a Pareto Chart?


What we are looking for is to limit the chart output to a certain number of entries - that is like a Top 10 or Top 20 chart of the Pareto results.

We have several large data sets that we are charting Pareto on with the newest Beta and it looks great - but our data has a lot of entries with low counts so the ability to limit the charting to only a certain number of results would be excellent and I have seen this in a compeditive product. The existing filters only appear to work on the raw data and since Pareto data is dynamic there is no way to know exactly what results will be at the top of the charts until the sums have been calculated. Or is there another way to do this in the product?




So far we have had good success with the Beta and look forward to a final release.




A. Bradley

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Guest vishal@fusioncharts

Hi Andy,


Thanks for using our product. Your requirement is part of our product backlog. We shall consider incorporating this feature in the future releases.




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