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I have an xml like below.


<chart animation='1' xaxisname='Job' yaxisname='Ename' subCaption='' bgColor='99CCFF,FFFFFF' bgAlpha='40,100' bgRatio='0,100' bgAngle='90' showBorder='1' borderColor='#8b748b' borderThickness='1' borderAlpha='100' startingAngle ='0' enableRotation='0' pieInnerFaceAlpha='100' pieOuterFaceAlpha='100' pieYScale='40' enableSmartLabels='1' skipOverlapLabels='1' isSmartLineSlanted='1' smartLineColor='#000000' smartLineThickness='1' smartLineAlpha='100' plotFillAlpha='100' maxColWidth='100' use3DLighting='1' showValues='0' showPercentValues='0' stack100Percent='0' baseFont='Verdana' baseFontSize='10' baseFontColor='#000000' formatNumber='1' decimals='0' formatNumberScale='0' forceDecimals='0' showToolTip='1' toolTipBgColor='#FFFFFF' toolTipBorderColor='#000000' toolTipSepChar=',' seriesNameInToolTip='1' showToolTipShadow='0' >

<set toolText='ANALYST' value='2' label='ANALYST'/>

<set toolText='CLERK' value='4' label='CLERK'/>

<set toolText='MANAGER' value='3' label='MANAGER'/>

<set toolText='PRESIDENT' value='1' label='PRESIDENT'/>

<set toolText='SALESMAN' value='4' label='SALESMAN'/>



I have added the attachment for the above graph. i have used Column3D as graph type.


I want to get what are the colors applied for the individual color sets?

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