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JK Patel

"loading Chart. Please Wait". But This Label Can't Loade Chart

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i try to use this code but i get label named "Loading chart. Please wait." <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <s:Application xmlns:fx="" xmlns:s="library://" xmlns:mx="library://" xmlns:components="com.fusioncharts.components.*"> <components:FusionCharts x="10" y="10" FCChartType="Column3D"> <components:FCChartData FCData="{chartData}" FCParams="{chartParams}"/> </components:FusionCharts> <fx:Script> <![CDATA[

import mx.collections.ArrayCollection; //Create an ArrayCollection object as a data source for chart [bindable]

private var chartData:ArrayCollection=new ArrayCollection([ { label:'Jan', value:'17400' }, { label:'Feb', value:'19800' }, { label:'Mar', value:'21800' }, { label:'Apr', value:'23000' }, { label:'May', value:'29000' }, { label:'Jun', value:'27600' } ]);



private var chartParams:ArrayCollection=new ArrayCollection([ { caption:'Half Yearly Sales Summary' }, { subcaption:'For the year 2008 - First Half' }, { xAxisName:'Month' }, { yAxisName:'Sales' }, { numberPrefix:'$' } ]); ]]> </fx:Script> </s:Application>



So what to do with this ? if you have any idea then tell me ...

Thanks in advance...

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Could you please upgrade your current version to the latest version, i.e, FusionCharts for Flex v1.3 and see if this resolves the issue?



We are happy to announce that FusionCharts for Flex has been released. The current version is 1.3.

Ref.- http://www.fusioncha...ons/adobe-flex/




Release Notes: http://www.fusioncha...ersion-history/


New Features:

AIR Desktop application support

Charts can dynamically resize based on the dimensions of the parent containers

Support for Interactive Legend

Automated numeric X-Axis in Scatter and Bubble charts

Regression line in Scatter and Bubble charts

Quadrants and quadrant labels in Scatter and Bubble and charts

Number formatting options for the X-Axis scale in Scatter and Bubble charts.

Configurable options for vertical divisional lines, vertical grids and vertical zero plane in Scatter and Bubble charts

Advance Image/SWF display and alignment support for background

Added legend in Pie, Doughnut, Funnel and Pyramid charts

Ability to plot columns on right axis of chart in 3D combination charts

Chart specific APIs added for Pie, Doughnut and MSCombi3D charts

Support to specify Y-Axis minimum values in all stacked charts

Support to align the vertical Axis names with respect to the whole chart or only the chart canvas

Macros or pre-defined variables to position Annotation better

Support for left or right alignment of caption and subcaption

Manually control the position of data values in line and area charts

Ability to hide zero plane values

Pack contains a separate Flash SWC component to help render charts in Adobe Flash CS3/CS4/CS5 Applications




Charts are cached to reduce bandwidth usage

Charts can now run in Flash Builder Debug mode

Optimized X-Axis label placement

The default size of the caption and subcaption has been increased

Annotations scale automatically when dynamic resizing is enabled

Customizable options of X-Axis ticks for Multi-series Combination 3D chart has been added




Major improvement in memory leak issue

"No data to display" issue



Known issues:

The text shown in the Debug Window of charts/gauges in AIR Application can not copied using context menu

The Custom component for Flash CS3/CS4/CS5 can only render charts

FusionCharts for Flex does not support Flex's "Spark only" component set


The Evaluation version can be downloaded with the help of the following link.

Ref.- http://www.fusioncha...-flex/download/


The existing users can update for free from FusionCharts Product Update Center. They will get a new Update (v1.3) pack to download.



Hope this helps. :)

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Also, in case upgrading to FusionCharts for Flex v1.3 does not help in resolving the issue, please check whether you have placed the chart SWF files in the correct location.


In case the files are correctly places, please export the as flex project archive and mail it to us for further inspection.


You may mail it to us at "[email protected]" for confidential reasons with reference to this Forum Query and we would get back to you at the earliest.


Hope this helps. :)

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