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Tooltext Is Clipped In Fusioncharts.hc.js

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I'm having a problem where the tooltext displayed for a barchart is being clipped by the right side of the graph. These graphs are rendered using Javascript. I cannot easily supply a manual {br} as the string is being used for the legend as well as the tooltext and is highly dynamic in nature. You'll notice from the attached screen shot that I have showLables=0. I expected that either the tooltext display code would wrap the text or push it back from the right edge.



Has anyone experience this clipping problem in Javascript charts, is it a known bug, and do you have any suggestion on possible solutions? We are using Javascript because we need to support html5 for this product.


The version string from the FusionCharts.js file I'm using is fusioncharts/3.2.2-servicerelease1.4200.


Thanks for your help.



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Guest Bindhu



Welcome to the FusionCharts Forum :)


Thank you for the post.


Can you please try upgrading to FusionCharts v3.2.2 SR3?


There are lot of improvements done with regard to toolTip for JavaScript charts.


Please note: If the toolText is very big and exceeds the width of the chart, then it will still be cut. Improvements to the same in continuously being done.


Hope this helps!

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