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How To Updatechartxml

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Guest Sashibhusan



Could you please elaborate a bit more on your issue, probably with the sample code, to look into your issue?


If you are getting a "Error in Load Data." message then, please check the followings:


1. Whether you've provided proper path to the XML/JSON data in your code.


2. Paste the Data URL in your browser to check if it's returning a valid XML/JSON. Make sure, there are no scripting or time-out errors and a valid XML/JSON is returned. Also, make sure that the XML/JSON isn't intermingled with HTML content. The data provider page should return a clean XML/JSON only - not even HTML <head> or <body> tags.


3. Whether your XML/JSON file is named properly and not having a .txt extension (as many basic text editors append .txt after the file name).


4. Whether your chart files (SWF and JavaScript) and XML/JSON data are on the same domain or same sub-domain. Cross domain data loading is not allowed.


Awaiting your response!

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