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Problem Of Making Fusionchat Sampe Page With Velocity Template

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I tried to make sample chart page with fusionchart xt. After downloading chart modules including swf, js

I tried to make weelky-sales follwing instruction. The code I wrote follwing instruction was worked well with .html

but it didn't not work at velocity template.


the content of both files was exactaly same. I think there are problems with including js files in vm.

Is there anyone who encounter this kind of problem?

I attached that both files.



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Guest Sashibhusan



Could you please try by providing correct relative path of "FusionCharts.js" file and "Column3D.swf" file in your code for "this is the problem file.vm" file?


Also please note that you need to load only the "FusionCharts.js" file of FusionCharts JavaScript Class in your code and rest all JavaScript files (such as : FusionCharts.HC.js, FusionCharts.HC.Charts.js and jquery.min.js.) can be loaded automatically on-demand by FusionCharts.js.


Hope this helps!

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