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Nitin Kharade

Useellipseswhenoverflow Issue For Stacked Column Chart

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I have a issue of useEllipsesWhenOverflow not working for javascript version for Stacked Column 2D chart. Please find attached screenshots of flash and JavaScript version


Please see the title on X-Axis for javascript chart. It is cutting at the edge, even we have set useEllipsesWhenOverflow. In flash version it is working fine.


Following is my XML code:


<chart yAxisMaxValue="182" yAxisMinValue="0" interactiveLegend="0" labelDisplay="Rotate" staggerLines="3" chartLeftMargin="10" slantLabels="1"

useEllipsesWhenOverflow="1" maxLabelWidthPercent="50" showValues="0" anchorRadius="1" rotateLabels="1" showBorder="0">


<category label="Carotid Artery Angioplasty"></category>

<category label="Coronary Angioplasty"></category>

<category label="Coronary IVUS"></category>

<category label="Coronary RFA"></category>

<category label="CryoPlasty Therapy"></category>


<dataset SeriesName="BC">

<set value="2" toolText="BC, 2" />

<set value="1" toolText="BC, 1" />

<set value="0" toolText="BC, 0" />

<set value="0" toolText="BC, 0" />

<set value="1" toolText="BC, 1" />


<dataset SeriesName="Blogs">

<set value="151" toolText="Blogs, 151" />

<set value="150" toolText="Blogs, 150" />

<set value="22" toolText="Blogs, 22" />

<set value="84" toolText="Blogs, 84" />

<set value="149" toolText="Blogs, 149" />


<dataset SeriesName="Boards">

<set value="140" toolText="Boards, 140" />

<set value="63" toolText="Boards, 63" />

<set value="30" toolText="Boards, 30" />

<set value="165" toolText="Boards, 165" />

<set value="118" toolText="Boards, 118" />


<dataset SeriesName="FB">

<set value="2" toolText="FB, 2" />

<set value="0" toolText="FB, 0" />

<set value="0" toolText="FB, 0" />

<set value="3" toolText="FB, 3" />

<set value="4" toolText="FB, 4" />


<dataset SeriesName="MB">

<set value="63" toolText="MB, 63" />

<set value="98" toolText="MB, 98" />

<set value="12" toolText="MB, 12" />

<set value="33" toolText="MB, 33" />

<set value="114" toolText="MB, 114" />


<dataset SeriesName="Usenet">

<set value="25" toolText="Usenet, 25" />

<set value="3" toolText="Usenet, 3" />

<set value="0" toolText="Usenet, 0" />

<set value="7" toolText="Usenet, 7" />

<set value="3" toolText="Usenet, 3" />


<dataset SeriesName="Video">

<set value="1" toolText="Video, 1" />

<set value="4" toolText="Video, 4" />

<set value="1" toolText="Video, 1" />

<set value="1" toolText="Video, 1" />

<set value="2" toolText="Video, 2" />




<style name="myLabelsFont" type="font" font="Arial" size="12" color="6C6C6C" />

<style name="myLegendFont" type="font" font="Arial" size="12" color="FFFFFF" />



<apply toObject="DATAPLOT" styles="" />

<apply toObject="DataLabels" styles="" />

<apply toObject="Legend" styles="" />






Please give me suggestions!!




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I'm afraid, I'm unable to replicate the issue.


Please find the attached screenshot rendered using the latest version (FusionCharts XT SR3).


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