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Fusioncharts And Highcharts

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Yes, we can definitely spread some illumination on this topic.


FusionCharts Suite lets you create interactive charts, gauges and maps, powered by XML and JSON data. These charts, gauges and maps can be rendered in both Flash and JavaScript.


To render the charts in JavaScript, we use a few modules from HighCharts framework for the drawing logic. The HighCharts library is seamlessly integrated within FusionCharts and it is not available as a stand alone component.


However, the features of JavaScript version of FusionCharts is NOT restricted to the features of HighCharts. We have built a lot of functionality on top of it including best-fit rendering of chart and legend, 3D charts, support for gradients, unlimited drill-down using LinkedCharts, smart label management etc. We've also built a number of new charts, gauges and maps that are not present in HighCharts by default e.g, Pareto, Marimekko, Gantt, Funnel, Pyramid, Spark Line, Angular gauge, Thermometer, LED, Bullet , 3D charts and specialized charts like CandleStick, Waterfall chart.


Hope this helps.:)

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