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Dataurl Method Generating "invalid Xml" Only On Certain Computers

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This is a strange one. When using the dataURL method, some computers get the "Invalid XML" error and others don't. So far it looks as if the people getting the message are all in one building. It does not appear to be a browser issue, as I can get the charts to render from outside that building. One other point: the website is housed at the building that is having the problem.


What could possibly be different from one location to another?





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Guest Bindhu



If you get an "Invalid Data." message, it means that the XML/JSON data is malformed.


Check it again for common errors like:

1. Presence of duplicate attributes in the XML/JSON.

2. Difference in case of tags. <chart> should end with </chart> and not </Chart> or </CHART>

3. Missing opening/closing quotation marks for any attributes. e.g., <chart numberSuffix=%' should be <chart numberSuffix='%'.

4. Missing closing tag for any element.

5. If you've double quotes as part of your data,Encode them to " Example: <set label='John says "Hi" to all.' />

6. If you've single quotes as part of your data, Encode them to ' Example: <set label='John' house' />

7. While using HTML embedding and Data String method, if you're using any special characters in your data, make sure they're properly encoded. Like, % needs to be encoded as %25 & as %26. In Data URL method, you can provide most of the characters directly, without the need to encode.

8. While using HTML embedding and Data String method, check for conflict of ' (XML Attribute Character) and " (HTML Parameter Character). For example, if you're using " for HTML parameters, then you need to make sure that all your XML attributes use ' as containers.



<param name="FlashVars" value="<chart showLabels='1' showValues='1'>...</chart>" />


If this does not help, can you please share a live URL for further testing.


Hope this helps!

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