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Linked Chart For Stacked Charts

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Will anybody tell me , can i create Linked Charts for Stacked Charts. I have to create a StackedColumn3D chart there i need to provide drilldown feature.

If it is possible , will u please give me a sample xml for that.

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Guest Sumedh

Hi Rahul,


FusionCharts XT can be easily and extensively used to create drilldown charts. All the charts (except for Zoom line chart) in FusionCharts XT suite support drilldown for data elements.


LinkedCharts is a smart drilldown feature introduced in FusionCharts v3.2 that allows you to create unlimited level of DrillDown charts using a single data source.


For more information, please refer the this link:


In the chart XML, you would need to define link attribute for set elements.


Ref. Code:


<chart caption="Yearly Sales" xAxisName="Year" yAxisName="Sales">
 <set label="2004" value="37800" link="newchart-xmlurl-Data2004.xml" />
 <set label="2005" value="21900" link="newchart-xmlurl-Data2005.xml" />
 <set label="2006" value="32900" link="newchart-xmlurl-Data2006.xml" />
 <set label="2007" value="39800" link="newchart-xmlurl-Data2007.xml" />



For Stacked Column 3D chart, you would need to apply link attribute in the set element accordingly.


For Stacked Column 3D XML specification sheet, refer this URL:

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