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Problem With A Simple Pie Chart - Why?!

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Ok, so I am currently using Fusion Charts as a trial to decide whether it will do what I need. Bar charts seem to be ok. What I am having problems with is a pie chart. I have a query that returns:



GB 216 66 56 3


I inset a dynamic simple chart, use region as the category (also tried using static), then add the values IR, OR, MT and C as series.


The chart just shows the first series and doesnt get the colour right either.


What am I doing wrong, I have played around with different combinations and can't seem to plot it right. I can get a bar chart to work, but at this rate I will be looking at an other product if I can't figure this out.


Thanks in advance.

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Guest Sumedh



Can you please provide some information on following points?


> What Chart type are you using? If possible, please send us the screen-shot of your issue with browser console details.


> What FusionCharts version are you using?


> Also send us the chart XML as well as sample code for testing purposes.

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A pie chart can accept only a single series (a single set) of data. Where as, a Multi-series Bar chart can of course take multiple sets of data.


Probably the way you have passed the data is causing this.


You would actually need to consider 216 66 56 3 as the data for series GB and the categories are IR OR MT C.


Can you please check if your generated XML is similar to :


<chart caption="GB">
 <set value='216' label='IR'/>
 <set value='66' label='OR'/>
 <set value='56' label='MT'/>
 <set value='3' label='C'/>


In case, you are

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