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(Solved) How To Create Javascript Chart In Jsf 2.0

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Hello, I have created charts using flash being, however there is a need to use javascript because my application is aimed at smart TVs that do not have flash support. the syntax I use to generate flash is as follows.


<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns=""



	<fc:render chartId="LineAproNeg3D" filename="../FusionCharts/MSLine.swf"
	width="100%" height="100%" debugMode="false" registerWithJS="1"
	WMode="0" color="CCCCCC" scaleMode="0" lang="en"
	detectFlashVersion="0" autoInstallRedirect=""
	xml="#{lineMB.stringXml}" />





I would like to know how to generate graphics on javascript if possible and creates them using the same syntax or is necessary to create a specific file for the same.

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<fc:render chartId="${chartData.chartId}" swfFilename="${folderPath}${chartData.swfFilename}"

width="${chartData.width}" height="${chartData.height}" debugMode="false"

registerWithJS="true" xmlUrl="${chartData.url}" renderer="javascript"/>

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I have problem wmode on Firefox, does not work and overwrites the menu





<fc:render chartId="SimpleChart"


width="600" height="300" debugMode="false" registerWithJS="false"

xml="#{mBeanEstatisticas.gerarChartDepartamento()}" renderer="javascript" WMode="0">







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Hi Faraiz,

The attribute which FusionCharts uses is "windowMode" (not WMode) which can be set to window/opaque/transparent.

window - This is the default mode.The chart or Flash Player acts as a separate window, always lying above the HTML elements. So the HTML elements, like the HTML menu, lie below the charts.

opaque - In this mode the charts are integrated to the HTML elements, unlike the Window mode. Here, the DHTML elements can come over the chart.

transparent - Similar to the Opaque mode, however, in this mode, the chart background can be changed to transparent or translucent (modifying the value of the bgAlpha attribute accordingly) so that the color or the HTML elements below the chart (which are part of HTML and not chart) are visible.

Eg. <fc:render .... windowMode='opaque' ....>

For more information, please follow the documentation link : http://docs.fusionch...sicExample.html

Hope this helps.

Edited by Haritha

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