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Drilldown Php Class Problem

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Hi There,


i'm right now facing some problem with my own fusionchart development


the problem that i'm facing right now is this.


when i called this function

$FC->addChartData($myObjTahun->jumlah, "label=" .$myObjTahun->tahun. ";link=http://newchart-xmlurl-Example.php?table=$rptCode&tahun=$myObjTahun->tahun");


I'm facing the problem once i'm on click event on one of the link from the generated link that is embedded on the chart xml data.


when i'm right click on the sourcecode of the page i found out that the link is now somewhat changed, that is :


<set  value='372' label='2012' link='http://newchart-xmlurl-Example.php?table%3dpk8%26tahun%3d2012'  />


notice that the some of the strings have been replaced. that is %3d and %26 . Hope you can me help out on this one..




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Guest Sashibhusan



Could you please try once by URL encoding the link, before passing it to the "link" attribute in the "addChartData()" function of FusionCharts PHP Class?


Ref. Code:

$FC->addChartData($myObjTahun->jumlah, "label=" .$myObjTahun->tahun. ";link=" . urlencode("http://newchart-xmlurl-Example.php?table=$rptCode&tahun=$myObjTahun->tahun"). ")";


Hope this helps!

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