Printing Html Page As A4 Document With Charts

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Hello FusionCharts!


I currently have a report, which uses several FusionCharts as part of the reports. These are generated by code and show on the client side, at the moment using a width of 100%. Although the problem I am having is when I print them as PDF (using CutePDF or nativley in Chrome) they come out on the PDF and look like they have been squeezed, width wise.


I cant post any pics due to the nature of the data, but hopefully you get what I mean.


Is there a best practice for handling this type of print out, where the users are just selecting File > Print to PDF. For example setting a certain width for the charts or something, they are currently in a classic asp page.


Thanks in advance for any help.



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Guest Sumedh

Hi Stewart,


A warm welcome to FusionCharts Forum! smile.gif


Could you please send us the sample code with dummy data? If possible send us the screen-shot your issue with dummy data.


It would be more helpful for us to look into it.


Also, what FusionCharts version are you using?


Awaiting your response.

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I am using FusionCharts XT(v3.2.2) SR4 and here is the code snippet which generates one of the charts although to test you can just create a HTML page, which a text block at the top then a chart (width 100%) with some more text below it, then another chart (width 100%).


Code Behind Code

   Function RenderAppAwardValue() As String

       'Create Stringbuilder
       Dim xmlData As New StringBuilder()

       'Generate the chart element
       xmlData.Append("<chart caption='Values (YTD)' bgAlpha='0,0' canvasBgAlpha='0' NumberPrefix='£' showBorder='0' formatNumberScale='1' rotatelabels='0' showvalues='1' connectNullData='1' showExportDataMenuItem='1' xAxisName='Academic Year' yAxisName='Value (£)' >")

       'Set DataSet and Values
       Dim AppNumSeries As String = "SET DateFormat dmy ..."
       Dim RSAppN As New DbConn(AppNumSeries)

       While RSAppN.ReadData.Read()

           xmlData.Append(String.Format("<set label='Apps. 10/11' value='{0}' />", RSAppN.ReadData("OlderCount")))
           xmlData.Append(String.Format("<set label='Apps. 11/12' value='{0}' />", RSAppN.ReadData("OldCount")))
           xmlData.Append(String.Format("<set label='Apps. 12/13' value='{0}' />", RSAppN.ReadData("CurrentCount")))
       End While


       'Set DataSet and Values
       Dim AwardNumSeries As String = "SET DateFormat dmy ...."

       Dim RSAwardN As New DbConn(AwardNumSeries)
       While RSAwardN.ReadData.Read()
           xmlData.Append("<vLine color='FF5904' thickness='2' />")
           xmlData.Append(String.Format("<set label='Awards 10/11' value='{0}' />", RSAwardN.ReadData("YEARBEFORECOUNT")))
           xmlData.Append(String.Format("<set label='Awards 11/12' value='{0}' />", RSAwardN.ReadData("LASTYEARCOUNT")))
           xmlData.Append(String.Format("<set label='Awards 12/13' value='{0}' />", RSAwardN.ReadData("CURRENTYEARCOUNT")))
       End While



       'Create the chart - Multi-Series Line Chart with data from xmlData
       Return FusionCharts.RenderChart("Charts/Column2D.swf", "", xmlData.ToString(), "AppAwardValueChart", "100%", "200", False, True, True)

   End Function


On the client side, there is an asp literal which loads the data returned from the above function. Although this is on an page, the current charts on a classic asp page and the process is the same, although the function is called for each chart.


I have attached a PDF output from the pages to show you what I mean by the charts being squeezed.




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