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W.exporting Is Undefined

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I wonder if you can help?


We are implementing your solution to draw charts on client data and it does so fantastically, for this i think you...


I have run into an issue however with a recent development to our solution...


We are exposing the ability to export data and charts to Powerpoint. To do this we have rolled our own export to image functionality for Coldfusion...


On click of a link we generate the image using the svg string and java library to trans-code, this places the image on the server and returns a path to the image which can then be used by the export to Powerpoint functionality...


The image export functionality appears to work correctly every time, there is however an error generated in Javascript when the export routine is called the second time, this second call acquires the svg string again and generates the image...


This second call and all subsequent calls generate the following javascript error:

W.exporting is undefinedI hope you can help...Thanks,Jarlath

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In case anyone stumbles across this and is looking for a resolution i can tell you i haven't as of yet found one. I have however been able to change the logic of my application so that it doesn't need to get the SVG string more than once unless the chart itself has been modified. I had previously been requesting the SVG string in every action i needed to consume the chart. As i write this i see how i should maybe have engineered this correctly in the first place... Happy Charting ;-)

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