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Guest Bindhu



I am afraid, the height of the chart is not sufficient to display all those labels.


Please try increasing the height and width of the chart to show all the labels.


Please share the XML data for testing purposes.

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Too many labels, increasing the height would not work. I think labels can cover each other, but they must not go beyond the bounds of the window. Example for testing:


<chart formatNumberScale="0" legendBorderAlpha="0" numberSuffix="%" bgColor="ffffff" thousandSeparator=" " canvasbgColor="ffffff" useEllipsesWhenOverflow="1" animation="0" showPercentValues="0" aboutMenuItemLink="n-" showShadow="0" isSliced="0" pyramidYScale="40" toolTipSepChar=": " formatNumber="1" forceDecimals="1" showYAxisValues="0" rotateValues="0" labelDisplay="AUTO" legendBgColor="ffffff" is2D="1" rotateLabels="0" showLabels="1" showToolTip="1" legendScrollBgColor="ffffff" xAxisName="Название клиента" setAdaptiveYMin="1" plotfillAlpha="100" aboutMenuItemLabel="About Contour BI" showLabelsAtCenter="0" legendPosition="RIGHT" placeValuesInside="0" legendScrollBtnColor="c3d3fd" canvasBorderThickness="1" showPercentInToolTip="0" decimalSeparator="," yAxisName="Количество" showBorder="0" legendScrollBarColor="c3d3fd" showValues="0" bgAlpha="100" decimals="0">
<set toolText="Ana Trujillo Emparelados: 28" displayValue="Ana Trujillo Emparelados" value="28" link="n-#cell,0,0" label="Ana Trujillo Emparelados"/>
<set toolText="Bolido Comidas preparadas: 40" displayValue="Bolido Comidas preparadas" value="40" link="n-#cell,1,0" label="Bolido Comidas preparadas"/>
<set toolText="Consolidated Holdings: 54" displayValue="Consolidated Holdings" value="54" link="n-#cell,2,0" label="Consolidated Holdings"/>
<set toolText="Cactus Comidas para llevar: 77" displayValue="Cactus Comidas para llevar" value="77" link="n-#cell,3,0" label="Cactus Comidas para llevar"/>
<set toolText="Alfreds Futterkiste: 78" displayValue="Alfreds Futterkiste" value="78" link="n-#cell,4,0" label="Alfreds Futterkiste"/>
<set toolText="Comercio Mineiro: 88" displayValue="Comercio Mineiro" value="88" link="n-#cell,5,0" label="Comercio Mineiro"/>
<set toolText="Antonio Moreno Taqueria: 128" displayValue="Antonio Moreno Taqueria" value="128" link="n-#cell,6,0" label="Antonio Moreno Taqueria"/>
<set toolText="B's Beverages: 177" displayValue="B's Beverages" value="177" link="n-#cell,7,0" label="B's Beverages"/>
<set toolText="Blauer See Delikatessen: 242" displayValue="Blauer See Delikatessen" value="242" link="n-#cell,8,0" label="Blauer See Delikatessen"/>
<set toolText="Die Wandernde Kuh: 312" displayValue="Die Wandernde Kuh" value="312" link="n-#cell,9,0" label="Die Wandernde Kuh"/>
<set toolText="Chop-suey Chinese: 331" displayValue="Chop-suey Chinese" value="331" link="n-#cell,10,0" label="Chop-suey Chinese"/>
<set toolText="Around the Horn: 448" displayValue="Around the Horn" value="448" link="n-#cell,11,0" label="Around the Horn"/>
<set toolText="Blondel pere et fils: 475" displayValue="Blondel pere et fils" value="475" link="n-#cell,12,0" label="Blondel pere et fils"/>
<set toolText="Bon app': 627" displayValue="Bon app'" value="627" link="n-#cell,13,0" label="Bon app'"/>
<set toolText="Bottom-Dollar Markets: 703" displayValue="Bottom-Dollar Markets" value="703" link="n-#cell,14,0" label="Bottom-Dollar Markets"/>
<set toolText="Berglunds snabbkop: 856" displayValue="Berglunds snabbkop" value="856" link="n-#cell,15,0" label="Berglunds snabbkop"/>
<style size="14" type="font" name="LegendFont" color="000000" font="Tahoma"/>
<style size="11" type="font" name="MarksFont" color="000000" font="Tahoma"/>
<style size="11" type="font" name="ToolTipFont" bgColor="ffffff" color="000000" font="Tahoma"/>
<apply styles="LegendFont" toObject="LEGEND"/>
<apply styles="MarksFont" toObject="DATALABELS"/>
<apply styles="ToolTipFont" toObject="TOOLTIP"/>



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