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PHP and customObjects

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PHP5 and Flash 8.




I am using the html from the examples site to create a linear graph from the code below.




Running the same code when not generated by PHP works. If I comment out the 'object' tag from below, the script runs.




When I try to use this, I eventually get a flash failure warning. I get the same results in both MSIE and Firefox. I'm left wondering if there is some interference with the new Object model in PHP5?




Here is my PHP xml generation code. Again, I'm running this using the provided html for this chart, with only the xmlurl changed to xmldata.php so that this executes.






echo "[Chart upperLimit=100' lowerLimit='0' decimalPrecision='0' numberSuffix='%25' chartLeftMargin='15' chartRightMargin='15' chartTopMargin='5' chartBottomMargin='5' bgAlpha='20]";


echo "[colorRange]";


echo "";


echo "";


echo "";


echo "[/colorRange]";


echo "[value]33[/value]";


echo "[customObjects]";


echo " [objectGroup xPos=0' yPos='0' showBelowChart='1]";


echo " [object xpos='15' ypos='10' toxpos='235' toypos='32' type='rectangle' fillAsGradient='1' fillColor='009900,FFDD22,CC0000' fillAlpha='100,50,100' fillRatio='1,59,40' radius='0' /]";


echo " [/objectGroup]";


echo "[/customObjects]";


echo "[/Chart]";



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