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Unable To Set Background Colors In Linear Gauge

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I have created a Linear gauge with the following XML configuration below:


I have set the background color to be D1EBF7. The circle above the gauge is in this color, but the color of the rectangle background is different. (See the attached image) I have set the following values to D1EBF7


1. bgColor in chart

2. color in annotation for the type circle.


Is there something I need to get the background of the entire linear gauge to be in the same color.


<chart manageResize="1" origW="420" origH="90"  lowerLimit="0" upperLimit="100" numberSuffix="%" showTickMarks="1" 
showTickValues="0" showBorder="0" bgColor="D1EBF7" ticksBelowGauge="1" valuePadding="0" gaugeFillMix="" showGaugeBorder="0" 
pointerOnTop="0" pointerRadius="5" pointerBorderColor="000000" pointerBgColor="000000"  
annRenderDelay="0" showShadow="0" minorTMNumber="0" baseFontColor="000000" baseFontSize="12" animation="0">
	<color minValue="0" maxValue="100" alpha="0"/>
	<annotationGroup id="Grp1" showBelow="0" x="210" y="-765"> 
		<annotation type="circle" radius="800" color="D1EBF7"/>
	<annotationGroup id="Grp2" showBelow="1">
		<annotation type="rectangle" x="$gaugeStartX" y="$gaugeStartY" toX="$gaugeEndX" toY="$gaugeEndY" fillColor="E00000,FCEF27,678000"/>
	<annotationGroup id="Grp3" showBelow="0">
		<annotation type="text" x="$gaugeStartX+30" y="40" size="10" color="FFFFFF" bold="1" label="Negative" />
		<annotation type="text" x="$gaugeEndX-30" y="40" size="10" color="FFFFFF" bold="1" label="Positive" />
		<style name="LabelShadow" type="shadow" distance="1" strength="3" color="333333"/>
		<apply toObject="Grp3" styles="LabelShadow"/>
	<pointer value="55"/>


Thanks for you response.




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Guest Bindhu

Hi Mathan,


Welcome to the FusionCharts Forum :)


Thank you for the post.


Please set the attribute "bgAlpha" to 100 in the chart element.


<chart bgAlpha='100'  ....>


Hope this helps!

Edited by Bindhu

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