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We have purchased the FusionCharts V3 Enterprise License. We are using this for a particular website with a domain name (say


Having liked it, we would like to know if we could use this license for another web-based application, which is going to be deployed in the same building. At this point, this application is going to be an intranet site ...




As per the FusionCharts License Agreement (that was distributed to us as part of V3 Enterprise), it mentions -


(a) Any number of developers located in one PHYSICAL building can use this license...


(B) You can use this license for any number of websites hosted by you.




But in your website (URL :, it is written as


(a) FusionCharts is licensed on per-developer and per-website basis... Only Site / Enterprise license allows the same FusionCharts license to be used by unlimited Developers at same location.


(B) Each website refers to a different sub-domain. Multiple domains pointing to the same website would be considered as 1 website.




Pls advise on whether we could use the V3 Enterprise License for the other application.




Thanks much



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