Upendar Srirangam

Bubble Cahrt--Multiple X Axis Yaxis On The Chart

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We are licensed users of Fusion Charts. Can you help us to implement the bubble chart in the attached manner. Please respond ASAP since we need to confirm the feasibility. Also can you please guide us if we can click on a bubble to show the Title of the bubble and make it editable and fire a javascript event.


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Guest Bindhu

Hi Upendar,


The axes which is inside the chart is not supported.


The bubbles cannot be connected using a line.


You may use the link attribute to alert the bubble title but you will not be able to make the bubbles editable.


You may, however, call a custom JavaScript method on click of the bubble.


For more details on 'Using JavaScript functions as links', please refer to the link below,



Hope this helps!

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