Shrikant S

2D Pie Linked Charts (Flash Render Mode) Some Times Not Displayed On Win 7 Machine

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We are facing 2D pie chart flash rendering issue on IE 9.0 browser and Windows 7 operating system. 2D pie chart uses linked chart to drill down and and back button to go to original position. When we continuously click on any pie item to use drill down and back button, we sometimes see PIE chart is not displayed OR PIE chart is partially displayed OR chart is not responding at all.


Note: We have licence version fusioncharts/3.2.3-sr3.5347.


Interesting here is:

- we are not facing this issue when charts are displayed on Window XP operating system - IE 7 browser.

- this issue does not occur frequently.

- this issue is not observed when we use javascript rendering.



Attached sample xml that will help for further investigation. Please let me know if you get the solution for this issue.






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