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Handling Duplicate Data In Real Time Widgets (Column)

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I am using fusion widgets (real time column). It polls the backend server (j2ee application) every 1 second. however updated data is only available at the interval of 10seconds.

If i keep going back every 1 second, then the chart plots the same data 9 additional times (i.e. duplicate data is plotted).

Any suggestion on how to inform fusion charts to not plot duplicate data.

I am thinking of passing data stamp back to server, but if no new data is available (from 2nd second till 9th second), how will fusion charts behave? will it not plot anything if no data is returned?


See the attached screenshot




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Guest Sashibhusan

Hi Rahul,


Since your updated data is available in every 10 seconds, you can set the "refreshInterval" to 10 seconds in the <chart> element to pull data from back-end server in every 10 second.


However, if you want to refresh the chart in 1 seconds, you can write your own logic in the back-end script, to check "if the data coming from server is equal to the data stamp sent from chart then put null value in the <set> element to plot else plot the new value".


Hope this helps!

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