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Max Value On X-Axis Not Going Away

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Hi All,


First post here by a long-time user. I'm hoping that I can get some help with the following issue. I have an xml chart that refuses to get rid of the max x-axis value. The slated values come from categories and are working well. The max value - defined in the xml - won't go away. I've been playing with the various properties with no luck.


The attached screenshot shows the issue. The unformatted number on the far right is the problem.


Edit: As you can see in the screenshot, this is for a scatter chart


Running version: 3.2.3



<chart palette="2" xAxisName="Total Cost" yAxisName="Duration Weeks" showVLimits="0" showLimits="1" showborder="0" bgcolor="ffffff" labelStep="1" animation="1" yAxisValuesPadding="15" canvasLeftMargin="25" xAxisMinValue="0" xAxisMaxValue="1951208.7" showXAxisValues="1" numberScaleValue="1000,1000,1000" numberScaleUnit="K,M,B" decimals="0" labelDisplay="Rotate" slantLabels="1"><categories verticalLineColor="666666" verticalLineThickness="1"><category label="0" x="0" /><category label="$183,989" x="183990" showVerticalLine="1" /><category label="$367,979" x="367979" showVerticalLine="1" /><category label="$551,968" x="551969" showVerticalLine="1" /><category label="$735,958" x="735958" showVerticalLine="1" /><category label="$919,947" x="919948" showVerticalLine="1" /><category label="$1,103,936" x="1103937" showVerticalLine="1" /><category label="$1,287,926" x="1287926" showVerticalLine="1" /><category label="$1,471,915" x="1471916" showVerticalLine="1" /><category label="$1,655,905" x="1655905" showVerticalLine="1" /><category label="$1,839,894" x="1839895" showVerticalLine="1" /></categories><dataSet seriesName="Matters" includeInLegend="0" color="0000FF" anchorSides="4" anchorRadius="3" anchorBgColor="C6C6FF" anchorBorderColor="0000FF"><set x="50213" y="35" showvalue="0" toolText="$50,213" /><set x="8531" y="0" showvalue="0" toolText="$8,530" /><set x="892" y="4" showvalue="0" toolText="$892" /><set x="163274" y="38" showvalue="0" toolText="$163,274" /><set x="11060" y="0" showvalue="0" toolText="$11,059" /><set x="24485" y="0" showvalue="0" toolText="$24,485" /><set x="62161" y="31" showvalue="0" toolText="$62,160" /><set x="21454" y="12" showvalue="0" toolText="$21,453" /><set x="10024" y="17" showvalue="0" toolText="$10,024" /><set x="20985" y="8" showvalue="0" toolText="$20,984" /><set x="1839895" y="67" showvalue="0" toolText="$1,839,894" /><set x="15442" y="65" showvalue="0" toolText="$15,442" /><set x="2154" y="5" showvalue="0" toolText="$2,154" /><set x="13030" y="8" showvalue="0" toolText="$13,030" /><set x="37532" y="36" showvalue="0" toolText="$37,531" /><set x="117645" y="44" showvalue="0" toolText="$117,644" /><set x="13375" y="15" showvalue="0" toolText="$13,374" /><set x="10137" y="12" showvalue="0" toolText="$10,137" /><set x="8792" y="1" showvalue="0" toolText="$8,791" /></dataSet><vTrendlines><line startValue="0" endValue="1471915.304" alpha="5" color="00FF00" /><line startValue="1471915.304" endValue="1951208.7" alpha="15" color="FF0000" /></vTrendlines></chart>


Thanks in advance!


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Guest Sumedh



Welcome to FusionCharts Forum! smile.gif


This issue has been resolved in the latest version of FusionCharts XT i.e., FusionCharts XT (v.3.2.2) Service Release 5.


Could you please re-download and try?


Also for the formatting, all the x-axis labels are specified using "label" attribute and label attribute accept it as a string. So anything you specify in the label attribute will be a string.


And x-axis limits are in numeric format, So symbol formatting doesn't work with x-axis limits. It will be displayed in the numeric format only.


Hope this helps!

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