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Label Roatation (Javascript)

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I am new to FusionCharts, but I'm part of a team that has worked with them a lot, and they are all stumped on this. I have set up a little test chart with non-dynamic data, and on the javascript version on an iPad or iPhone, the labels on the X-axis are slanted, but I do not want them to be. It's fine in the Flash output version. This is using version 3.2.1. I've tried all of the things that are supposed to work per the documentation (such as labelDisplay, slantLabels, etc.) Demo url is Current xml code is as follows:


<chart numberSuffix='%' showSum='1' decimals='0' useRoundEdges='1' yAxisName='Percentage of Goal' bgAlpha='0' bgcolor = 'ffffff' bgangle='0' canvasBgAlpha='100' yAxisMinValue = '0' yAxisMaxValue = '100' showLabels='1' baseFont = 'arial' baseFontSize = '16' plotSpacePercent = '60' showBorder = '0' showToolTip='1' >


<set label='Wholegoods

$37,163 Sales to Date' value='57.35' />

<set label='Parts

$8,694 Sales to Date' value='42.75' color="2ad8e3"/>




Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you.




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