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Gantt Chart - Milestones Are Not Showing Up In Exported Image

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I am trying to export the Gantt chart on the server , everything works fine except i do not see milestones in exported image. When i render the same chart on screen it shows milestone. Here is XML for chart


<chart caption = 'Fire Authority' subCaption='Timeline' dateFormat='mm/dd/yyyy' caption='Timeline' exportEnabled='1' exportFileName='64_Timelinechart' exportShowMenuItem='1' exportAction='save' exportHandler='http://server/FusionCharts/FCExporter.php' exportFormats='PNG=Export as PNG'>

<categories font='6'>

<category start='12/01/2012' end='12/31/2012' label='Dec/12'/>

<category start='01/01/2013' end='01/31/2013' label='Jan/13'/>


<processes isBold='1' align='left' width='10'><process label='T4'/>

<process label='T2'/>

<process label='T1'/>

<process label='T3'/>



<task start='12/14/2012' end='12/14/2012' id='T4'/>

<task start='12/27/2012' end='12/29/2012' id='T2'/>

<task start='12/28/2012' end='12/28/2012' id='T1'/>

<task start='12/30/2012' end='12/31/2012' id='T3'/>



<milestone date='12/14/2012' taskId='T4' shape='diamond' color='FF5904' radius='7' />

<milestone date='12/28/2012' taskId='T1' shape='diamond' color='FF5904' radius='7' />



Am i missing something?




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Guest Sumedh



Welcome to FusionCharts Forum! smile.gif


We are looking into this.


We will get back to you on this shortly.

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Guest Sumedh



Apologies for the delayed response.


We have tested the same XML and we are not able to replicate the same.


Gantt chart is being exported with milestones in all the formats PDF,JPEG and PNG.


Chart has been rendered and exported using the latest FusionWidgets XT files i.e., FusionWidgets XT (v3.2.2) Service Release 2.


Also, if you are using older version, could you please upgrade and try to export once again?


Please find attached screen-shots and illustration for your reference.


Hope this helps!






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