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Wally Kolcz

Not Switching To Js On Apple

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I would love to just have a JS version on our web site and not flash, but seems that the Charts are not going to JS when they are on apple devices.


i am using the PHP version of the library and here is my page call:


echo renderChart("../assets/FusionCharts/MSLine.swf?registerWithJS=1", "../Data/lineChartYearXML.php?dataSetID=37&forYear=$datayear&yAxis=&maxValue=100", "", "chart37", 425, 300, false, true);


From the iDevices it says invalid data but works fine from all browsers. Any ideas?

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Guest Sumedh



Welcome to FusionCharts Forum! smile.gif


Please note, as the Flash is not supported on the Apple devices, so the JavaScript version of chart will be rendered automatically. (if all the necessary JavaScript libraries are present in your project folder.)


"Invalid data" error message is occurring because your XML data is not properly formatted. As, the JavaScript chart follows strict validation for XML.


So, you would need to maintain spaces between each and every chart attribute.


Also, chart attribute shouldn't be repeated.


For more information, please refer the following link:


Hope this helps!


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