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I am using Stacked 2D bar chart. I need to know if the following feature is available or not.

On Click of the legend, corresponding stack is shown/hidden. But the total of the stack will be fixed. Can it be dynamically calculated based on whether part of the stack is hidden/not.

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Guest Chaitra



Welcome to FusionCharts Forum!


Yes, both of these features are available in FusionCharts.


In multi-series charts, the series name of each dataset shows up in the legend of the chart.


The legend is interactive. That is, when you click on each legend icon, it hides the dataset corresponding to that item.


The total on the stack will stay fixed irrespective of whether a particular dataset is displayed/hidden.


For this purpose, you need to set the "showSum" attribute in the chart element of your XML data to 1.


Ref. Code:


<chart .. showSum='1'>




I have attached screenshots of the same for reference. Please check.


Hope this helps!




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That's correct. But i need the total to be dynamically updated based on whether a set of data is shown or not. consider that are 2 set of data and total is sum of these 2 sets. on clicking of the first legend the 1st set will automatically hidden however totals doesn't get updated. i want it to be updated.


Hope this will make my question clear.





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