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Hi this is Sravan sarma from past two weeks I have been using Fusion charts.I really enjoyed working with charts.But I have been asked to design the charts without creation of any intermediate files like XML, JSON and JS files.In java I need to write code to get charts with out any files and need to fetch the data dynamically i.e.Oracle SQL Developer. I need to fix these charts in my dashboard widgets. Help me out please.

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Guest Chaitra



Welcome to FusionCharts Forum!


The charts cannot be rendered without our JS and SWF files in your application folder. Also, the data has to be converted to our XML or JSON format.


For implementing in specific programming languages (or web technologies or server-side scripts or platforms or middleware scripts), developers need to implement "connectors" that connect to their database and "embed" FusionCharts in their application. The embedding is either done through our FusionCharts JavaScript class or through one of our server-side helper scripts that we've provided for ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, RoR (these are very basic scripts just to embed the charts).


FusionCharts cannot directly connect to a database, being a JavaScript library. So these server-side scripts connect to databases, retrieve the required data to be displayed on chart, convert to our XML or JSON format and then send to FusionCharts JavaScript class. For this part, the developers can either write code by hand, or again use a library that we've provided for ASP / PHP / ASP.NET / ColdFusion / Ruby on Rails.


For more information on the same, please refer to the following link.



Also, you could export our charts as images and also choose whether to export at client-side or server-side. Please refer to the following link for the same.



Hope this helps!

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