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Do Alerts Only Work If You're Streaming Real Time Data Into The Gauge?

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I am going by the book here with my set up of an alert coupled with an annotation:





<annotationGroup Id='statusRed' visible='0'>

<annotation type='image' x='125' y='25' URL='red_circle.png'/>




<alert minValue='0' maxValue='999999' action='SHOWANNOTATION' param='statusRed'/>




If I set the annotation visible from the get go, it indeed shows the image. But that alert will not fire no matter what. If it does require the real time streaming of data, is there any way I can trick it or force it to fire that alert based on the value in the <value> tag?

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Guest Sashibhusan



I am afraid, the alert functionality will only work for FusionWidgets XT Real Time Charts.


So, you can not get it functional as annotations. In Real Time charts/gauges on each refresh interval, the alert will fire based on the value changed.


For more information on "Alert Manager", please follow the link below:


Hope this helps!

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