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Display A Value Of 0 (Zero)

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I've got a series of reports and I'm using the MSColumn3D.swf chart. The data that comes back may have a value of zero and that's ok, but values of zero are not showing up, those bars are being omitted entirely rather than displaying flat with the color. Is there an update or something I need? This is the FCF_ version of the chart.



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Welcome to FusionCharts Forum.


Yes, using FusionCharts Free it does not displays the data plot with zero value as a flat bar.


However, using FusionCharts XT it displaya a flat bar for a zero value data plot. FusionCharts XT has lot more properties, features added to improve the visualization and enabling a rich user experience.


As a suggestion, can you please try using the Evaluation version of FusionCharts? To download the Evaluation version at:


Hope this helps.

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