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Doughnut2D Legend Error

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We are unable to replicate using the latest version FusionCharts XT 3.3.0. Please find the attached screenshot for your reference.


Can you please let us know the version of FusionCharts used? Also, please share the XML code for further testing.


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I am using "use3DLighting="0" in the xml and this seems to be the problem. When switched to "use3DLighting="0" or deleted from the xml the icons appear as normal.



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<chart baseFontSize="14" baseFont="Arial" baseFontColor="000000" showBorder="0" bgColor="FFFFFF" startingAngle="90" use3DLighting="1" showLabels="1" showLegend="1" formatNumberScale="0">

<set label="0-4" value="2126" />

<set label="5-9" value="2126" />

<set label="10-14" value="1977" />

<set label="15-19" value="1647" />

<set label="20-24" value="1396" />

<set label="25-29" value="1180" />

<set label="30-34" value="1028" />

<set label="35-39" value="939" />

<set label="40-44" value="756" />

<set label="45-49" value="665" />

<set label="50-54" value="556" />

<set label="55-59" value="392" />

<set label="60-64" value="269" />

<set label="65-69" value="155" />

<set label="70-74" value="122" />

<set label="75-79" value="101" />

<set label="80-84" value="36" />

<set label=">85" value="22" />




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The legend icons for Doughnut 2D chart displaying as a black circles has been resolved in our latest version of FusionCharts XT 3.3.0.


Can you download the latest version and check if the issue has been resolved at your end?


Hope this helps.:)


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