Problem In X-Axis For Large Data

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I am plotting a graph in which Time is on X-axis.. i need to plot it in a difference of 1 minute for 24 hours. but i display only hour values like 1:00, 2:00...24:00.

the problem is the graph gets converged while going towards the end..


attached is the snapshot.


please help!!



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Welcome to FusionCharts Forum. :)


We have tried to create a Scatter chart similar to the one attached by you and found that the x-axis labels are not overlapping.


Please find an attached screenshot of the same using the latest version of FusionCharts ie. FusionCharts XT V3.3.1.


Could you please let us know which version of FusionCharts you are using? Also could you please send us a sample XML to test it here?


Awaiting your response.


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