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Uncaught Typeerror: Object #<Object> Has No Method 'split'

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This error occurs when I am trying to render fusion charts when flash is disabled.



Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'split'


This was due to, at some line in “Fusioncharts.HC.js” file, some object was not a string, and it was trying to use the split function on it. 

@version fusioncharts/3.2.4-sr1.9888


Could anyone please assist with this issue? 


Here is the firefox error console message as well:


Timestamp: 5/1/2013 3:21:13 PM
Error: TypeError: e.split is not a function
Source File: /js/FusionCharts/FusionCharts.HC.js
Line: 82
Edited by bohms27

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Well I found the issue of what is happening. Here's my JSON Serialized table for the "data" section of my charts:


"data": [{"value":1331,"anchoralpha":null,"anchorBgColor":null,"anchorBorderColor":null},{"value":1229,"anchoralpha":null,"anchorBgColor":null,"anchorBorderColor":null},{"value":1417,"anchoralpha":"100","anchorBgColor":"009900","anchorBorderColor":"009900"},{"value":1389,"anchoralpha":null,"anchorBgColor":null,"anchorBorderColor":null},{"value":1046,"anchoralpha":null,"anchorBgColor":null,"anchorBorderColor":null},{"value":1057,"anchoralpha":null,"anchorBgColor":null,"anchorBorderColor":null},{"value":871,"anchoralpha":null,"anchorBgColor":null,"anchorBorderColor":null},{"value":744,"anchoralpha":null,"anchorBgColor":null,"anchorBorderColor":null},{"value":47,"anchoralpha":null,"anchorBgColor":null,"anchorBorderColor":null},{"value":0,"anchoralpha":"100","anchorBgColor":"CC0000","anchorBorderColor":"CC0000"},{"value":0,"anchoralpha":null,"anchorBgColor":null,"anchorBorderColor":null},{"value":0,"anchoralpha":null,"anchorBgColor":null,"anchorBorderColor":null},{"value":1,"anchoralpha":null,"anchorBgColor":null,"anchorBorderColor":null}]}



In Flash, this renders fine, it just doesn't put anchors in when the chart renders in flash. In javascript, i get the object.split is not a function because it is a null value. 


My workaround for this is before I json serialize my table, I set the "blank" values in my table to an empty string instead of nothing. It might be an opportunity for a null check in javascript before performing the .split function though. 

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We were unable to replicate the problem at our end.


Can you please upgrade to the latest version of FusionCharts v3.3.1 SR2 and check again?

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