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Line Area Chart Not Displaying Correct Colors In Javascript

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Using this defintion, the area under the line is green in flash but grey in javascript.  Are you all aware of this problem?  Is there a workaround I can use?  I need both charts to look the same.





<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
-<graph lineDashed="0" useRoundEdges="0" rotateValues="1" showValues="0" divLineColor="000000" canvasBgColor="dad9da" rotateLabels="1" xaxisname="X-Axis" yaxisname="Y-Axis" imageSaveURL="rdTemplate/rdAnimatedChart/FCExporter.aspx" imageSave="1" unescapeLinks="0" showBorder="0" chartBottomMargin="" chartTopMargin="" chartRightMargin="" chartLeftMargin="" numberPrefix="" showLabels="1" bgColor="ffffff" Caption="" animation="1" showFCMenuItem="0"> -<styles> -<definition> <style type="font" color="5b5b5b" size="11" font="Helvetica" name="DataLabelsFontStyle"/> <style type="font" color="5b5b5b" size="11" font="Helvetica" name="YAXISVALUESFontStyle"/> <style type="font" color="5b5b5b" size="11" font="Helvetica" name="LegendFontStyle"/> </definition> -<application> <apply styles="DataLabelsFontStyle" toObject="DataLabels"/> <apply styles="YAXISVALUESFontStyle" toObject="YAXISVALUES"/> <apply styles="LegendFontStyle" toObject="Legend"/> </application> </styles> <set color="008000" alpha="100" label="Dairy Products" value="115387.6500"/> <set color="008000" alpha="100" label="Beverages" value="103924.3100"/> <set color="008000" alpha="100" label="Confections" value="82657.7300"/> <set color="008000" alpha="100" label="Meat/Poultry" value="80975.1200"/> <set color="008000" alpha="100" label="Seafood" value="66959.2100"/> <set color="008000" alpha="100" label="Grains/Cereals" value="56871.8200"/> <set color="008000" alpha="100" label="Condiments" value="55368.6000"/> <set color="008000" alpha="100" label="Produce" value="54940.7600"/> <trendlines/> </graph>

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JavaScript charts does not accepts color attribute at set element level.To obtain a similar chart, you will have to pass "plotFillColor" attribute in the chart element.


Ref. Code:

<chart .... plotFillColor='008000">


Please Note: Please use <chart> element instead of <graph> element.

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