Embedding A Page With Multiple Fusioncharts

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Dear Everyone,


  I'm solomon. Here I run into problem of embedding the page with multiple fusioncharts.


  First I created five pages with different charts and they work fine separately.

  Then I set the five pages in a page by Iframe and this page also work fine and dispaly five charts on this page successfully
   in both IE and Firefox. But at last when try to embed this page into my application as partment page of main page by iframe,

   I found it can only display in firefox, it will crash when disply in IE.


   Is there some confilicts between fusionchart js library and my application js library, I have modifed name space of my application js library but any effect. could you help me  on this issue?


one page display



embebed and display on firefox



crash display on IE


 thanks  a million.

 yours solomon.




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You are saying that you are having problem in ie with charts inside iframes that are two level deep?


Do you have some more info for me to go with? Perhaps sample code or link?

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