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zoomline charts in IE 9

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I am facing a problem zoomline chart - my environment is - Liferay 6.1/J2EE.


I created a drill down chart, where click a bullet chart- I should see a Zoomline chart.


I get perfact result in chrome- I can zoom the line chart without any issue.


But same application when I try to open in IE 9- it opens properly, but the zoomline does not work properly, I cannot see those 3 links just above the zoomline chart -

Switch To Pin Mode, Reset Chart, Zoom out. Instead in IE 9 - I can see a pin in top right corner with 2 options - Switch to Pin mode, switch to zoom mode. But in Internet Explorer 9, I cannot do zooming- I cannot move the cursor/cannot make the chart bigger or smaller- in chrome it works fine.


Can anyone tell me why is not behaving proper way in IE 9, or did I miss anything. I used JSP and normal java(- followed the example).


Plz look at the screen shot attached


Here is my xml file which need to create the zoomline chart -

<chart caption='Daily Money Flows This Year
Russell Investment Company' xAxisName='Date' yAxisName='Flows($)' numberPrefix='' showValues='0'>
<category label='2012-07-13' />
<category label='2012-07-19' />
<category label='2012-07-25' />
<category label='2012-07-31' />
<category label='2012-08-06' />
<category label='2012-08-10' />
<category label='2012-08-16' />
<category label='2012-08-22' />
<category label='2012-08-28' />
<category label='2012-09-04' />
<category label='2012-09-10' />
<category label='2012-09-14' />
<category label='2012-09-20' />
<category label='2012-09-26' />
<category label='2012-10-02' />
<category label='2012-10-08' />
<category label='2012-10-12' />
<category label='2012-10-18' />
<dataset lineColor='E42217' seriesName='InFlows'><set value='92354424.7800' /><set value='200986397.3200' /><set value='31065522.9600' />
<set value='28975063.3900' /><set value='3588064945.4700' /><set value='92348138.1400' /><set value='306811476.8400' /><set value='70801083.7200' />
<set value='92868378.8000' /><set value='36435255.7900' /><set value='42277181.4600' /><set value='72280154.4400' /><set value='92109914.9500' />
<set value='54396975.2800' /><set value='39536487.4800' /><set value='30330782.0600' /><set value='100320315.3800' /><set value='29203036.2500' />
<dataset lineColor='00FF00' seriesName='OutFlows'><set value='2266140496.0500' /><set value='42655520.1800' /><set value='44783331.8400' />
<set value='79740454.0200' /><set value='1904527641.8700' /><set value='109889237.6800' /><set value='201974849.3900' /><set value='64192527.0600' />
<set value='57963348.6700' /><set value='37967733.4300' /><set value='31286786.6900' /><set value='55229151.4300' /><set value='20659843.0100' />
<set value='57504093.2700' /><set value='120897067.8500' /><set value='45895271.1200' /><set value='106063841.9200' /><set value='28260669.3400' />
<dataset lineColor='190714' seriesName='NetFlows'><set value='2550306.6100' /><set value='-69837219.0600' /><set value='-41644332.9600' />
<set value='-2173786071.2700' /><set value='-32232590.9700' /><set value='6114213.1100' /><set value='-2736878.3000' /><set value='158330877.1400' />
<set value='-23285814.1700' /><set value='7080912.5100' /><set value='-38234959.9200' /><set value='-13717808.8800' /><set value='174550713.0700' />
<set value='-61046444.8300' /><set value='-5821561.2900' /><set value='-50765390.6300' /><set value='-18645800.9300' /><set value='54057840.0000' />
<set value='-411620.0100' /><set value='1683537303.6000' /><set value='1227655754.6300' /><set value='-93187403.8800' /><set value='356415702.0200' />
<set value='-17541099.5400' /><set value='32213489.8200' /><set value='-3056502.8900' /><set value='1091826225.5100' /><set value='104836627.4500' />
<set value='79878698.8100' /><set value='38572404.9100' /><set value='1710768.7900' /><set value='6608556.6600' /><set value='269658.3700' />
<set value='22859445.1100' /><set value='-48104058.2900' /><set value='34905030.1300' /><set value='-22079264.2600' /><set value='19792667.9200' />
<set value='-50704204.4900' /><set value='-1532477.6400' /><set value='-1337910.0300' /><set value='29277616.0200' /><set value='-72281461.7000' />
<set value='10990394.7700' /><set value='142939.8100' /><set value='4945264.1800' /><set value='63097390.2500' /><set value='17051003.0100' />
<set value='-12667616.5900' /><set value='17395710.8900' /><set value='-23782279.1300' /><set value='71450071.9400' /><set value='-4578084.8200' />
<set value='966785.5500' /><set value='-2085233.0100' /><set value='-3107117.9900' /><set value='8861850.5900' /><set value='-34294118.5700' />
<set value='-87723853.0600' /><set value='-81360580.3700' /><set value='-8229357.2000' /><set value='-3113273.4800' /><set value='-8469299.8500' />
<set value='-15564489.0600' /><set value='-13651293.8600' /><set value='-3311586.5100' /><set value='6637908.3200' /><set value='-5743526.5400' />
<set value='-11468299.5800' /><set value='-8307107.0100' /><set value='3115446.2900' /><set value='942366.9100' /><set value='13087048.6700' />
<set value='-6348500.7500' /><set value='-51069127.8600' />

And jsp:-

<%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %>
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="fc" %> 
<%@ taglib prefix="tags" tagdir="/WEB-INF/tags" %>
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="portlet" %>
<script src=""></script>
<c:set var="folderPath" value="/ChartHandler-portlet/FusionCharts/"/>
<c:set var="jsPath" value="${folderPath}" scope="request"/>
<%-- <c:set var="assetImagePath" value="/ChartHandler-portlet/JSP/assets/ui/images/" scope="request"/> --%>
<%@page import=""%>

	DashBoardThreeBean dashBoardThreeBean = (DashBoardThreeBean)renderRequest.getAttribute("dashBoardThreeBean");	

				<fc:render chartId="${dashBoardThreeBean.lineChartDDChartId}" swfFilename="/ChartHandler-portlet/FusionCharts/ZoomLine.swf"
					width="420" height="300" debugMode="false" registerWithJS="false" xmlData="${dashBoardThreeBean.lineChartDDXml}" />


Edited by Ranen

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Hi Ranendra,


It seems that you are seeing the Flash variant of Zoom line chart on Chrome and JavaScript variant of Zoom line chart on IE 9.


Please check if the flash player is enabled in IE. If not, please enable the same and check again.


For differences in Flash and JavaScript variants, please check out our demo gallery of Zoom Line chart at


Hope this helps. :)

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