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Scatter: Large Data Files some times don't load.

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I have been working with massive amounts of data. More data than I want to deal with.




Some data is more than 10,000 data points. I get the warning from flash and say yes to continue the script.


The data then loads (some times). It seems right around the 10K mark is where things get strange.




3K-7K seems to be ok most of the time.




Are there alternative solutions to displaying such data?




Also, do you guys have something that will print some basic stats in the graph?


Like min/max, maybe even STD+3/-3 +6/-6?




Sorry for the two part thread...

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Since FusionCharts uses Flash and XML on client side, we do NOT recommend more than 1500-2000 data points on a scatter chart.




I'm afraid we do not have any in-built calculations inside FusionCharts, as of now.

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