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Error loading data

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  When trying to create a line chart using MSCombi2D.swf, I get "Error loading data".  So I put it into debug mode and found it's erroring out in the middle of FC code.


The data is retrieved from a data url which is passed in using the setJSONUrl method. You can see the data in the attached data.txt file.


The error details when in debug mode can be found in errorScreenShot.png.









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Guest Sumedh



This error may occur under following circumstances, can you please check with these points?


- Whether you've provided proper path to the XML/JSON data in your code.
- Paste the Data URL in your browser to check if it's returning a valid XML/JSON. Make sure, there are no scripting or time-out errors and a valid XML/JSON is returned. Also, make sure that the XML/JSON isn't intermingled with HTML content. The data provider page should return a clean XML/JSON only - not even HTML <head> or <body> tags.
- Whether your XML/JSON file is named properly and not having a .txt extension (as many basic text editors append .txt after the file name).
- If you're using an operating system that uses case-sensitive naming for file system (like mac, linux etc.), check for the names of your XML/JSON and chart file.
- Whether your chart files (SWF and JavaScript) and XML/JSON data are on the same domain or same sub-domain. Cross domain data loading is not allowed.
Since, we have tested your chart JSON and it's working fine at our end.
Please find attached screen-shot and sample for your reference.
Hope this helps!


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 Thank you for the tips on possible issues.  Your solution in the attached helped me realize there was a work around.  Instead of setting the data URL, I use a third party library to grab the JSON from the server, then use chart.setJSONData with the returned values.


Thank you for your help.

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