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Fusion Chart export show empty image with only percentage showing

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Please help : i am using fusion chart and renreding it on javascrpit  but i only get empty image , see image below.



  function createChart()
            var webServiceData = returnAJAXData();

                type: 'POST',
                dataType: 'json',
                async: true,
                beforeSend: function ()
                url: p3ChartURL,
                data: webServiceData,
                cache: true,
                contentType: 'application/json; charset=utf-8',
                success: function (data)
                    var p3ChartData = $.evalJSON(data.d);
                    if (p3ChartData.OUTCOME == "SUCCESS")
                       var myChart = new FusionCharts("Charts/Doughnut2D.swf", "p3ChartID", "100%", "100%", "0", "1");
                        $("#p3ChartTotalText").css("font-weight", "bold");
                        $("#p3ChartTotalValue").css("font-weight", "bold");
                        //$("#p3ChartFus").append('<img id="p3ChartFusBackgroundImage" src="Styles/Images/PieInactive.png" />');
                        $("#p3ChartTotalValue").text("$" + addCommas(Math.round(p3ChartData.TOTAL)));                                               

                error: function (err)


and here what i am doing to render the export :


 <script type="text/javascript">
      //Render the export component in this
      //Note: fcExporter1 is the DOM ID of the DIV and should be specified as value of exportHandler
      //attribute of chart XML.
      var myExportComponent = new FusionChartsExportObject("fcExporter1", "Charts/FCExporter.swf");
      //Render the exporter SWF in our DIV fcexpDiv


        <div id="fcexpDiv" align="center"></div>

and here is my json data


{"d":"{\"OUTCOME\":\"SUCCESS\", \"CHARTDATA\":{ \"chart\" : { \"bgColor\":\"000000\", \"showToolTip\":\"0\",\"showExportDataMenuItem\":\"1\",\"exportEnabled\":\"1\",\"exportAtClient\":\"1\",\"exportHandler\":\"fcExporter1\", \"paletteColors\":\"5ab200,108ece,e9d103,ef5900\", \"bgalpha\":\"0,0\", \"baseFontSize\":\"14\", \"showFCMenuItem\":\"0\", \"showLegend\":\"0\", \"baseFont\":\"Arial\", \"labelDistance\":\"15\", \"borderColor\":\"000000\", \"showPlotBorder\":\"0\", \"showShadow\":\"0\", \"enableSmartLabels\":\"0\", \"manageLabelOverflow\":\"0\", \"showPercentValues\":\"0\", \"showValues\":\"0\", \"baseFontColor\":\"FFFFFF\", \"baseFontSize\":\"18\" }, \"data\":[{ \"label\":\"0-30 Days\", \"value\":\"2413290.7800\", \"label\":\"16%\", \"link\":\"j-pieClick-1\", \"toolText\":\"$2,413,291 (16%)\" },{ \"label\":\"31-60 Days\", \"value\":\"2572555.5000\", \"label\":\"17%\", \"link\":\"j-pieClick-2\", \"toolText\":\"$2,572,556 (17%)\" },{ \"label\":\"61-90 Days\", \"value\":\"1048191.8700\", \"label\":\"7%\", \"link\":\"j-pieClick-3\", \"toolText\":\"$1,048,192 (7%)\" },{ \"label\":\"Over 90 Days\", \"value\":\"9312332.6400\", \"label\":\"61%\", \"link\":\"j-pieClick-4\", \"toolText\":\"$9,312,333 (61%)\" }]}, \"PERIOD\":\"08/31/13\", \"TOTAL\":\"15346370.7900\"}"}
and hee is what i get


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Guest Sashibhusan



Welcome to FusionCharts Forum.


Could you please confirm once whether the issue is replicated if the chart dimension is provided with some value (other than 100%)?


Also, please provide the version of FusionCharts XT is being used at your end to replicate the issue and the screen shot of browser console (if any error displays).


Awaiting your valuable response.

Edited by Sashibhusan

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Hello Sashibhusan,


i changed the dimension to a fixed width and hieght but it is still doing same thing?

also there is no error on the concle at all


@version fusioncharts/3.2.4-release.8565

hope this help.

Thank you

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Guest Rishab



Please update your FusionCharts XT suite to the latest version and try exporting the chart.

As a suggestion, "exportHandler" attribute can be removed since it is related to Flash charts export.


Hope this helps!

Edited by Rishab

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