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Server side support and Cosmetics change for charts

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First of all, thanks to the Fusion Charts Team for developing such a beautiful Fusion Charts.
I am using Fusion Charts XT. And I got two queries with me regarding Fusion Charts.
1. I have a fusion Chart rendered in a browser. And now, I want to export that chart to server side. But wait, I want to change the "Width" and "Height"  of the chart while exporting to server side. And I noticed that, I can acheive this only by rendering the chart with width and height attributes changed. But, I dont want to render that chart again. I just want to resize the chart and export it to server side without rendering in the browser, so that, the exported image will reflect the new width and height.
2. Everything is working fine when charts are rendered in any of available browsers. But now, I have a requirement to generate Fusion Charts at server side using Java. I dont want to generate Fusion charts in any of available browsers. And also, I dont want to compromise on display quality of Image generated using Java code.
Please suggest me some idea. Thanks a lot to Fusion Charts Team.

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