Age/Sex pyramid

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I am trying to make a Age/Sex pyramid using FusionCharts XT.
I would like it to looks like the one in attachment : AgeSexPyramid_ResultExpected.JPG


I don't want to use Pyramid available in FusionWidgets XT because it displays one serie only (and not the same licence).


So I tried using Horizontal 2D Bar Chart => pair of charts side by side.

As you can see in second attachment (BarChartNegativeValues_TryingToDoIt.JPG), it can display negatives values bars.

But I was not able to customize data labels on Y-Axis to remove minus ('-') sign.


Do you know how I can acheive this or if there is a better solution to display Age/Sex pyramid ?


Thanks for your help.





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Guest Rishab


You can customize the Number Scale of the left bar chart using the  'numberScaleValue' and 'numberScaleUnit' attributes of the <chart> element to fulfill the needed scenario.

For ex-

<chart numberScaleValue='-10,-0.1,-1' numberScaleUnit=',,'   showValues='0'  >

The attached item is the sample containing two bar charts forming a pyramid structure.

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