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verticalLineColor not working when using xAxisLabelMode='Auto'

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The verticalLineColor attribute is completely ignored.  If we set the vertical lines ourselves using categories, the color gets applied appropriately.  How can I fix this?  This is urgent.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<graph numberSuffix="" formatNumberScale="1" decimalSeparator="" thousandSeparator="" decimals="2" forceDecimals="1" outCnvBaseFontColor="4c4c4c" outCnvBaseFontSize="15" outCnvBaseFont="Segoe UI" canvasBorderThickness="1" alternateVGridColor="f0f0f0" alternateHGridColor="f0f0f0" bubbleScale="" numVDivLines="4" showNames="1" showLegend="1" xAxisLabelMode="Auto" xaxisname="label title" yaxisname="data title" divlinecolor="0919F1" CanvasBorderColor="FF0000" canvasBgColor="f0f0f0" bgAlpha="100" imageSaveURL="rdTemplate/rdAnimatedChart/FCExporter.aspx" imageSave="1" showBorder="0" chartBottomMargin="50" chartTopMargin="" chartRightMargin="" chartLeftMargin="50" numberPrefix="$" showLabels="1" bgColor="F0F8FF" Caption="Scatter Chart" animation="1" showFCMenuItem="0" unescapeLinks="0">
<style bold="0" color="4c4c4c" size="15" font="Segoe UI" type="font" name="ToolTipFontStyle"/>
<style bold="0" color="4c4c4c" size="24" font="Segoe UI" type="font" name="CAPTIONFontStyle"/>
<style bold="0" color="4c4c4c" size="15" font="Segoe UI" type="font" name="YAXISVALUESFontStyle"/>
<style bold="0" color="4c4c4c" size="15" font="Segoe UI" type="font" name="YAXISNAMEFontStyle"/>
<style bold="0" color="4c4c4c" size="15" font="Segoe UI" type="font" name="DATAVALUESFontStyle"/>
<style bold="0" color="4c4c4c" size="15" font="Segoe UI" type="font" name="DATALABELSFontStyle"/>
<style bold="0" color="4c4c4c" size="15" font="Segoe UI" type="font" name="XAXISNAMEFontStyle"/>
<style bold="0" color="4c4c4c" size="15" font="Segoe UI" type="font" name="LegendFontStyle"/>
<apply styles="ToolTipFontStyle" toObject="ToolTip"/>
<apply styles="CAPTIONFontStyle" toObject="CAPTION"/>
<apply styles="YAXISVALUESFontStyle" toObject="YAXISVALUES"/>
<apply styles="YAXISNAMEFontStyle" toObject="YAXISNAME"/>
<apply styles="DATAVALUESFontStyle" toObject="DATAVALUES"/>
<apply styles="DATALABELSFontStyle" toObject="DATALABELS"/>
<apply styles="XAXISNAMEFontStyle" toObject="XAXISNAME"/>
<apply styles="LegendFontStyle" toObject="Legend"/>
<categories verticalLineThickness="1" verticalLineColor="FF0000"/>
<dataset color="FF0000" showPlotBorder="0" plotFillAlpha="100" anchorAlpha="100" seriesName="legend label" anchorSides="3" anchorRadius="UnitPrice" anchorBorderColor="000000" anchorBgColor="FF0000">
<set z="0.0000" toolText="1, 0" x="1" y="0.0000"/>
<set z="19.0000" toolText="8, 19" x="8" y="19.0000"/>
<set z="10.0000" toolText="9, 10" x="9" y="10.0000"/>
<set z="22.0000" toolText="49, 22" x="49" y="22.0000"/>
<set z="21.3500" toolText="41, 21" x="41" y="21.3500"/>
<set z="25.0000" toolText="116, 25" x="116" y="25.0000"/>
<set z="54.0000" toolText="11, 54" x="11" y="54.0000"/>
<set z="40.0000" toolText="0, 40" x="0" y="40.0000"/>
<set z="97.0000" toolText="25, 97" x="25" y="97.0000"/>
<set z="31.0000" toolText="27, 31" x="27" y="31.0000"/>
<set z="21.0000" toolText="18, 21" x="18" y="21.0000"/>
<set z="38.0000" toolText="82, 38" x="82" y="38.0000"/>
<set z="6.0000" toolText="20, 6" x="20" y="6.0000"/>
<set z="23.2500" toolText="31, 23" x="31" y="23.2500"/>
<set z="15.5000" toolText="35, 16" x="35" y="15.5000"/>
<set z="17.4500" toolText="29, 17" x="29" y="17.4500"/>
<set z="39.0000" toolText="39, 39" x="39" y="39.0000"/>
<set z="62.5000" toolText="42, 63" x="42" y="62.5000"/>
<set z="9.2000" toolText="25, 9" x="25" y="9.2000"/>
<set z="81.0000" toolText="40, 81" x="40" y="81.0000"/>
<set z="10.0000" toolText="3, 10" x="3" y="10.0000"/>
<set z="6.0000" toolText="104, 6" x="104" y="6.0000"/>
<set z="17.0000" toolText="61, 17" x="61" y="17.0000"/>
<set z="99.0000" toolText="20, 99" x="20" y="99.0000"/>
<set z="14.0000" toolText="76, 14" x="76" y="14.0000"/>
<set z="31.2300" toolText="15, 31" x="15" y="31.2300"/>
<set z="43.9000" toolText="49, 44" x="49" y="43.9000"/>
<set z="45.6000" toolText="26, 46" x="26" y="45.6000"/>
<set z="67.0000" toolText="10, 67" x="10" y="67.0000"/>
<set z="12.5000" toolText="0, 13" x="0" y="12.5000"/>
<set z="32.0000" toolText="9, 32" x="9" y="32.0000"/>
<set z="2.5000" toolText="112, 3" x="112" y="2.5000"/>
<set z="14.0000" toolText="111, 14" x="111" y="14.0000"/>
<set z="18.0000" toolText="20, 18" x="20" y="18.0000"/>
<set z="19.0000" toolText="112, 19" x="112" y="19.0000"/>
<set z="26.0000" toolText="11, 26" x="11" y="26.0000"/>
<set z="18.0000" toolText="69, 18" x="69" y="18.0000"/>
<set z="18.4000" toolText="123, 18" x="123" y="18.4000"/>
<set z="9.6500" toolText="85, 10" x="85" y="9.6500"/>
<set z="14.0000" toolText="26, 14" x="26" y="14.0000"/>
<set z="46.0000" toolText="17, 46" x="17" y="46.0000"/>
<set z="19.4500" toolText="27, 19" x="27" y="19.4500"/>
<set z="76.0000" toolText="5, 76" x="5" y="76.0000"/>
<set z="12.0000" toolText="95, 12" x="95" y="12.0000"/>
<set z="9.5000" toolText="36, 10" x="36" y="9.5000"/>
<set z="12.7500" toolText="15, 13" x="15" y="12.7500"/>
<set z="20.0000" toolText="10, 20" x="10" y="20.0000"/>
<set z="16.2500" toolText="65, 16" x="65" y="16.2500"/>
<set z="53.0000" toolText="20, 53" x="20" y="53.0000"/>
<set z="7.0000" toolText="38, 7" x="38" y="7.0000"/>
<set z="32.8000" toolText="0, 33" x="0" y="32.8000"/>
<set z="7.4500" toolText="21, 7" x="21" y="7.4500"/>
<set z="24.0000" toolText="115, 24" x="115" y="24.0000"/>
<set z="38.0000" toolText="21, 38" x="21" y="38.0000"/>
<set z="24.9000" toolText="36, 25" x="36" y="24.9000"/>
<set z="13.2500" toolText="62, 13" x="62" y="13.2500"/>
<set z="55.0000" toolText="79, 55" x="79" y="55.0000"/>
<set z="34.0000" toolText="19, 34" x="19" y="34.0000"/>
<set z="28.5000" toolText="113, 29" x="113" y="28.5000"/>
<set z="49.3000" toolText="17, 49" x="17" y="49.3000"/>
<set z="43.9000" toolText="24, 44" x="24" y="43.9000"/>
<set z="33.2500" toolText="22, 33" x="22" y="33.2500"/>
<set z="21.0500" toolText="76, 21" x="76" y="21.0500"/>
<set z="17.0000" toolText="4, 17" x="4" y="17.0000"/>
<set z="14.0000" toolText="53, 14" x="53" y="14.0000"/>
<set z="12.5000" toolText="6, 13" x="6" y="12.5000"/>
<set z="36.0000" toolText="26, 36" x="26" y="36.0000"/>
<set z="15.0000" toolText="15, 15" x="15" y="15.0000"/>
<set z="21.5000" toolText="25, 22" x="25" y="21.5000"/>
<set z="34.8000" toolText="14, 35" x="14" y="34.8000"/>
<set z="15.0000" toolText="101, 15" x="101" y="15.0000"/>
<set z="10.0000" toolText="4, 10" x="4" y="10.0000"/>
<set z="7.7500" toolText="125, 8" x="125" y="7.7500"/>
<set z="18.0000" toolText="57, 18" x="57" y="18.0000"/>
<set z="34.0000" toolText="32, 34" x="32" y="34.0000"/>

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Guest Sashibhusan



Please note that for XY Charts (Bubble/Scatter) charts, the default value of "xAxisLabelMode" mode is "CATEGORIES". For setting "AUTO" mode, will ignore the properties of <categories> element and allows the X-Axis labels to inherit the properties of Y-Axis.


So, could you please try once by setting the value to "MIXED" which allow the chart to show both the properties of Y-Axis and <categories> element simultaneously.


Also, from the XML data you posted, it seems you have not set any vertical lines using <category> element inside <categories></categories>. Hence, no vertical lines will be plotted and only the vertical DIV lines seen while rendering the chart using your XML data.


So, if you are willing to plot the vertical lines and apply colors on it, you could set the vertical lines using <category> element and set "numVDivLines" attribute to "0" and try once again.


For more information on "Bubble Chart Specification Sheet", please visit the link:


Hope this helps!

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Hi, I wouldn't mind doing that if the categories worked properly.  You can see the original bug that forced me to use the xaxislabelmode=auto here:


These are multiple bugs with this chart.  You shouldn't have the attribute listed if it is not going to work.  I'm getting frustrated because I've been trying to get a solution to this one for about a month and I keep getting workarounds that break other functionality.

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Guest Sashibhusan



From the Forum post you have provided, it seems you have the requirement of:


1. Calculating the vertical lines of Scatter chart and set the X-Axis maximum value automatically.


2. Also, apply colors and style to vertical lines.


If I have understood your requirement correctly, please follow the below suggestions:


a. For Scatter chart, "xAxisLabelMode" chart attribute has three values "AUTO", "CATEGORIES" and "MIXED". (CATEGORIES is the default value if not mentioned explicitly)


>> Now coming to AUTO mode of "xAxisLabelMode", in this mode, the chart automatically calculates and displays the x-axis labels. In this mode, the chart ignores the <categories> element and allows the x-axis to inherit the properties similar to that of the vertical Y-Axis. These x-axis labels are based on x-axis values which in turn are generated using the x values of the chart data. Additionally, along with each label a vertical divisional line is also rendered. You can also configure these vertical divisional lines using Vertical Divisional lines specific properties (Please refer:


>> For CATEGORIES mode, the labels explicitly defined in the <category> elements within the <categories> element are displayed. Please note that the automatically calculated labels are not displayed.


>> For MIXED mode, x-axis displays both automatically calculated labels and the explicitly defined labels through the <category> elements.


Now coming to your issues,


1. For X-Axis labels discrepancies issue, as we have already suggested, remove the <category> elements and explicitly set X-Axis maximum value using "yAxisMaxValue" attribute in <chart> element. (which you have done already)


2. To apply the color to the automatically generated vertical div lines (for AUTO mode), please provide "vDivlineColor" attribute to the hex color code in <chart> element. (Please apply this attribute to the XML data that you have provided and see if it works)


For more information on "XML/JSON Attributes for Scatter and Bubble Charts > Configuring the X axis labels of bubble/scatter charts", please visit the link:


Hope this helps to resolve your issue.


Looking forward to your response.

Edited by Sashibhusan

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