Nagendra Busam

FusionChartsEvents.DrawComplete listerner fails when all set values set /> for one dataset

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<chart connectNullData='1' defaultAnimation='0' plotGradientColor=' ' showBorder='0' canvasBorderColor='A0A0A4' bgcolor='FFFFFF' canvasBorderThickness='1' canvasBorderAlpha='100' canvasbgColor='FFFFFF' canvasbgAlpha='0' canvasTopMargin='8' canvasBottomMargin='0' chartTopMargin='5' chartBottomMargin='0' chartLeftMargin='0' formatNumberScale='0' numDivlines='0' divLinecolor='969696' showLegend='1' legendCaption='' legendIconScale='1' legendPosition='RIGHT' legendBgColor='FFFFFF' legendBgAlpha='0' legendBorderColor='FFFFFF' legendBorderThickness='0' legendBorderAlpha='0' legendShadow='0' legendAllowDrag='0' interactiveLegend='1' legendNumColumns='1' minimiseWrappingInLegend='1' baseFont='Arial' baseFontSize='14' baseFontColor='000000' outCnvbaseFontSize='14' outCnvbaseFontColor='969696' showtoolTip='1' toolTipBorderColor='969696' toolTipBgColor='969696' xAxisName='' labelDisplay='Wrap' yAxisName='' showYAxisValues='1' yAxisMinValue='-50' yAxisMaxValue='50' numberSuffix='%'>
		<category label='W1' tooltext='Wave 1'/>
		<category label='W2' tooltext='Wave 2'/>
		<category label='W3' tooltext='Wave 3'/>
		<category label='W4' tooltext='Wave 4'/>
	<dataset seriesName='Bright House' color='#404040' anchorSides='4' anchorRadius='4' dashed='1' lineDashLen='3'>
		<set value='19' showValue='0'  />
		<set />
		<set value='6' showValue='0'  />
		<set />
	<dataset seriesName='Cablevision' color='#262626' anchorSides='4' anchorRadius='4' dashed='1' lineDashLen='4'>
		<set value='3' showValue='0'  />
		<set />
		<set value='-5' showValue='0'  />
		<set />
	<dataset seriesName='Charter' color='#0D0D0D' anchorSides='4' anchorRadius='4' dashed='1' lineDashLen='5'>
		<set value='-47' showValue='0'  />
		<set />
		<set value='-21' showValue='0'  />
		<set />
	<dataset seriesName='DIRECTV' color='#3D3D3D' anchorSides='4' anchorRadius='4' dashed='1' lineDashLen='6'>
		<set />
		<set />
		<set />
		<set />
			<style name='MSTitle' type='font' size='12' color='1B1E1A' />
			<style name='MSSubTitle' type='font' size='10' color='969696' />
			<style name='Stubs' type='font' size='11' color='1B1E1A' />
			<style name='Data' type='font' size='11' color='1B1E1A' />
			<style name='RollOver' type='font' size='10' color='FFFFFF' />
			<style name='AxisLabels' type='font' size='9' color='969696' />
			<apply toObject='caption' styles='MSTitle' />
			<apply toObject='subcaption' styles='MSSubTitle' />
			<apply toObject='DataLabels' styles='Stubs' />
			<apply toObject='DataValues' styles='Data' />
			<apply toObject='Legend' styles='Data' />
			<apply toObject='toolTip' styles='RollOver' />
			<apply toObject='yAxisValues' styles='AxisLabels' />
FusionCharts.addEventListener ( FusionChartsEvents.DrawComplete, function (e,p) { 
        alert( + " has completed chart drawing" );
    FusionCharts.addEventListener('Disposed', function(e,p) {
        alert( + " has completed chart disposing" );

FusionChartsEvents.DrawComplete listener is failing when i have all set values <set /> for a data set (DIRECTTV section of xml).


Please do help me how can i get rid of this.



- Nagendra







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Guest Sashibhusan

Hi Nagendra,


Could you please let us know the version of FusionCharts XT you are using in your application and the chart type used to plot the provided XML data?


We have tested your XML using Evaluation version of FusionCharts XT v3.3.1sr2 files, and it is firing the "FusionChartsEvents.DrawComplete" event for "MSLine" chart, from our end.


Awaiting your response.

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