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Color issues when using Rounded Edges

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Can anyone please help?


I am using the xml file below and when I try to incorporate rounded edges, the base color gets thrown off (it should be the light blue but it displays a funky red). Is there a corresponding tag that I need to set?

I am using the MSCombi2D.swf object



<chart caption='Sales Volume' useRoundEdges='1' PYAxisName='Revenue' SYAxisName='Quantity' showvalues='0' numberPrefix='$'>   <categories><category label='Jan' /> <category label='Feb' />      <category label='Mar' />      <category label='Apr' />      <category label='May' />      <category label='Jun' />      <category label='Jul' />      <category label='Aug' />      <category label='Sep' />      <category label='Oct' />      <category label='Nov' />      <category label='Dec' />   </categories>   <dataset seriesName='Revenue'>      <set value='1700000' />      <set value='610000' />      <set value='1420000' />      <set value='1350000' />      <set value='2140000' />      <set value='1210000' />      <set value='1130000' />      <set value='1560000' />      <set value='2120000' />      <set value='900000' />      <set value='1320000' />      <set value='1010000' />   </dataset>   <dataset seriesName='Quantity' parentYAxis='S'>      <set value='340' />      <set value='120' />      <set value='280' />      <set value='270' />      <set value='430' />      <set value='240' />      <set value='230' />      <set value='310' />      <set value='430' />      <set value='180' />      <set value='260' />      <set value='200' />   </dataset>   <trendLines>      <line startValue='2100000' color='009933' displayvalue='Target' />    </trendLines></chart>




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Guest Rishab


Can you please try downloading the latest FusionCharts XT pack and let us know if your issue has been resolved?

The attached item is the screenshot for the same using the FusionCharts Version XT (v3.3.1) - Service Release 2.




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