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Connection Error In fusion charts AS 3 /Flex

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I am new to using fcharts. I have installed the charts, create and render them dynamically inside a tab navigator. When I have rendered lets say 3 charts on different tabs , and altinate between the tabs, then I get the following error.


TypeError: Error #2007: Parameter connectionName must be non-null.
at com.fusioncharts.components::FusionCharts/resizer()[D:\Repository\FusionCharts For Flex 1.3\Development\Flash_Builder_4\source\com\fusioncharts\components\]
at SetIntervalTimer/onTimer()
at flash.utils::Timer/_timerDispatch()
at flash.utils::Timer/tick()
private function createFusionChart(chartXML:XML):FusionCharts{
var fusionChart:FusionCharts = new FusionCharts();
fusionChart.FCChartType = "MSLine";
fusionChart.FCFolder = "../fusioncharts";
fusionChart.percentWidth = 100;
fusionChart.percentHeight = 100;
fusionChart.x = 5;
fusionChart.y = 5;
fusionChart.FCFlexFunctionsObject = (new MyFunctions(this.gcPersitenceSyncoriniser));
return fusionChart;

 I then pass this to a vBox, and and a panel ....etc .

YOur help would be much appreciated.

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Welcome to FusionCharts Forum.


Please let us know the following :



1. If you are using SWF files from FusionCharts for Flex pack
2. If you are using correct FusionCharts.swc for Flex SDK version. Separate SWC file exists for major Flex SDK versions (2,3,4). If you are using FusionCharts.swc of Flex SDK 3 in an application running in Flex SDK 4, it will not work.

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