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i am using Bubble chart .However, I want to highlight the bubble clicked so that user could know what data is being shown in detail by the drill down chart. In other words, I am trying to relate the drill down chart and the base chart.

Is is possible with fusion charts!!


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Hi Sumit,


It is not possible to highlight the data plot of parent chart when it is clicked to show a child chart, directly. But as a workaround, you may change the XML/JSON data of the parent chart with the changed color of that data plot so that you can achieve the desired feature of highlighting a data plot on click. 


This can be done by obtaining the DOM Id of the chart and changing the chart data by setting the new XML/JSON data to it. You may do this in a JavaScript function that gets called on click of a data plot, followed by rendering of child chart. 


Refer :


Hope this helps.

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