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Drag Node Chart: HTML Encoding and Decoding

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Hello again,




I have a system in place where you create a node via a html interface and the XML for the chart is generated when the display is required.




I am having problems with certain characters in the node's name attribute, the special characters are the usual culprits of & " '




While Fusionharts can read the generated XML with a node name containing "&" (technically invalid XML), this causes the XML generated by getChartXML to be invalid, and error later in my process.




I've tried encoding the text, but this jut results in Fusioncharts displaying the HTML encoded characters rarther than the decoded symbol.




I need a solution where the retrieved XML from the flash chart is valid for use using the Microsoft parser in ASP.NET. I am in control of what is passed in to FusionCharts, so the node names can be encoded or plain text and any other solution.




Thanks for your help





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You can try the following:

  • Use dataURL method of providing data to FusionCharts.
  • XML Encode these characters in XML - like & to &, ' to " etc.

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