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Fusion Chart PHP generate Code Problem

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Good Day Sir,


I am using Fusionchart In My Project


i am Dynamic generate PHP DB to Add X axis, Y Axis And Dataset Values, i try To Code Is Column 3D, but i show only 2D view,  The generate Code is 100% Correct but, The End of line \n\  tag problem,


i am Copy the generate Code and i check and enter \n\ tag in each line then 3D was Working,


but i need Automcatic \n\ tag on My Generate Code,



Why i need To Put \n\ tag , How i know the line was end this part how i put \n\ tag ,


Please Solve It

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Guest Sashibhusan



Could you please provide your PHP code snippet of how you are generating chart and point us where you have put \n\ tag?


Also, please let us know, whether you are using "FusionCharts.php" or "FusionCharts_Gen.php" wrapper class for rendering the "Column3D" chart at your end.


Awaiting your valuable inputs.

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