setDataURL issues, mysterious querystring appended

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I'm having trouble using relative URLs for the setDataURL method. Using the FusionCharts debug mode I was able to determine that a querystring is being appended to the URL of my XML data file. Here's what I get the debug tells me:




INFO: XML Data provided using dataURL method.


dataURL provided: small.xml


dataURL invoked: small.xml?FCTime=341




I'm not positive, but I believe the appended querystring is causing the data load to fail. Is it FusionCharts that is appending the querystring, or is it possible it's coming from other environmental factors?

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Pallav (3/21/2008)
It's FusionCharts that's appending the querystring to avoid data from caching.




Thanks for the response. But since the appended query string is causing the call to the data file to fail, is there a way to prevent it from happening?





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